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Envy feat. Joe Budden and Fabolous Lyrics
"Grand Theft Audio"

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And already, platinum posters and plaques
I don't write, I speak what I feel
And pop off po's dog, I don't need a reason to kill
I'm like two weeks from a deal, like two G's from a mil
Right hand, few feet from the steel

They wonder how I flow so strong
'Cause I live what I spit, my smallest hammer is a four four long
I spit pain rap, when Cain clap, duck for cover
Hot hanger, torch ya girl, and pluck ya mother

Always ready to clash wit Titans

And the princesses is in my watch, look like a flash of lightning
Same box, I got for the gun, you stash ya ice in
Make niggas sell they soul and cash they life in

People's choice
Don't forget Desert Storm
My man Kah, Paul Cain, Fabolous, Joe Buddens
Fat shout

Varcity clothing line
My man James A.D.
Desert Storm, mixtape, Volume 1 Blok Party
You know