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Duran Duran Lyrics
"Femme Fatale"

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Here she comes
you better watch your step.
She' going to break your heart in two
it's true
It's not hard to realize
just look into those false coloured eyes
She'll build you up just to put you down,
what a clown.

'Coz everybody knows
(she's a femme fatale)
things she does to please
(she's a femme fatale)
she's just a little tease.
(she's a femme fatale)
See the way she walks,
hear the way she talks.

You're written in her book,
number 37 take a look.
She's going to smile to make you frown
what a clown.
Little boy she's from the street,
before you start you're already beat.
She's going to play you for a fool,
yes it's true.


Yeah, I see your little girl
(what's the matter?)
I know where you're coming from
she's all lips and eyes and legs
and then she looks great.
But you know what? She's gonna mess you up pal.

She will try to bring you down,
the hardest girl around.

'Coz everybody knows
the things she does to please
she's just a little tease.
And everybody knows
she's a femme fatale [repeat fadeout]
This song is from the album "Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)".