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Dropkick Murphys Lyrics
"The Torch"

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Wash away,
All the lines on your face that show how you've aged
It's a long way down-
Your back's been broken you can't make the rounds
The tables are turned as the litany goes...
You're a rotten old man who'll be covered in dirt
On your knees
And pray to the maker that cause you the bleed

Turn back the hands on the clock
You're a bitter old man who's done nothing but work
Your hands to the bone on assembly lines
You've grown cold to the touch of the ones that you love
Ignorance is something you can overcome
But you've passed it on down and that's something much worse
For a bitter young man...Is now taking the torch

Silent scorn-
You've taken it out on the ones you adore
Incide rage-
They've left you before but they'll come back again
They'll pray for you with all their love
But this time your indifference just can't be excused
Forced armends-
Well it's something you die with but it goes on for them


...For a bitter young man...Has now taken the torch...
This song is from the album "Sing Loud, Sing Proud!" and "Live On St. Patrick's Day".