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Dream Junkies Lyrics
"Left Coast"

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Intro (Beleaf):

I swear y'all don't know about the west
You don't know nothing 'bout ridin' up the 5
View on the left
God gave us front row view to the sunset
Everybody think it's paradise
But we lost some real ones on the left
So what you know about the west
I swear y'all don't know about the west side
Nor'Cal So'Cal go ahead and rep
I feel like we the realest ones left

Let me tell you 'bout left

Hook (John Givez):

Left coast, left coast
(throw your) west side up high (x4)

Verse 1 (Ruslan):

I'll admit it, it's not perfect
Nah I take that back cuz what I'm learning
You get what you pay for that's on purpose
So the cost of living is so worth it
Yeah the cost of living is so worth it
So I don't wanna hear any complaining from
Any person that has not lived here cuz that's an inaccurate version
And clear, I swear you ain't know about my town
Thinking it's another city by the ocean coast

And not a whole lot that be ever going down
(down, down)
As we coming up slow
On a ghost highway, only right to give a ode
Indescribable to tell you what I'm feeling in my soul
It's Cali
It's a California California California state of mind
It don't matter what you saying
What you selling
There's no way that you can ever really take my
Allegiance from the city with the view
You see us we the leaders
Of this era
In this area, come meet us
And comedians be talking
But no way they can defeat us
God made me for the west
Ever since I was a fetus

On the left


Verse 2 (Murs):

Me I'm from the middle of the city of the angels
Dealing with these demons on the daily had to lay low
God's grace gave my face this halo
Tangled with them devils
Just a west side rebel
Trying to make the next level
Take it far from the ghetto
W up but my pants sag low
All the homies bang crip
Never had a rag though
What I want a rag fo'?
When I get the mad dough
A thick girlfriend wit a ___?
That was a dream
Was a junkie as a teen
Hip hop thing
See I was a true fiend
But the scene was all G-Rap
Hoochies and weed sacks
My city so much mo' y'all gon see that
No strap but I was bustin' off of Crenshaw
Raw raps dodging all of them pit falls
Had the beats with the homie smoking indo
Tour bus wit my name on the window
Did a little dirt
Could have been a little worse
All the homies got popped
And that could have been Murs but
That's the grace I was speaking on
That ___?
Crowds wanna sing my song loud
When the beat is on now
That they see I'm on proud
That I be from home