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Dream Junkies Lyrics
"Get A Bar Bandwagon"

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[Verse 1: Ruslan]
I'll spark it off
Not afraid to spark it off
I'm a colony of savages that eat alive anyone popping off
I've been about that in and out
Share my thoughts still logging off
I'm just here till the dinner's out
Ya my free meal
That don't cost these rappers a Per Diem
They stacking up in my DM
They got a whole lot to say
But introvert when they see them

I'm going to make your swallow your words
Force feed you till you throw up
Because I'm really the guy you really want to be whenever you grow up
And I mastermind like half the time
Hard to see the path that I'm on
I don't pacify the asinine attitude of those who lack gratitiude
And bat them by my lack of self-control like my appetite
Whenever it starts passing nine PM
Enter at your own risk into the colliseum
If you really want to see a pristine specimen of an Eastern European
MCing in season on these bozos
My bank account is just fine
And I don't really need the promo
Or photocopy of any sloppy emcee in a hotel lobby
Trying to make small talk like we friends
Even though it's so obviously not what it is
What option is this
Since I'm already sending you boys

Maybe I should adopt you as kids
Bottom line is I'm a timeless idol for your very mind
So don't you ever speak out of turn or even come off out of line
I'm at a time my idle mind is what a serpent will crush
And for that very same reason that's why my faith ain't a crutch

[Verse 2: John Givez]
Wish I could oogle my users to true belief
In about two years it'll be proven the dude was me
Who could just groove with this mood and land anywhere
On the snare and stare at the kick
Like I missed what you do to me
I'm just doing my duty
Who put this crew together so intuitively
I say God
We ease on down the road like this was Wizard of Oz
A-clicking all my heels

Hollywood is calling and they talking about some deals
Dealing with the type of pressure that could make a diamond feel so defined
Still will Kill Bill thrills on my mind
And all these rappers on my plate
They like the rib to my prime
Ooh, Gluttony
Good Religion cover me
Going in the Guiness Book of Records for this utterly disrespectful flow
An intellectual introspective perpetual player
With plenty time to say just what's on my mind
Now listen this abracadaver fabric is in my skin
They say we born to lose but boy we built to win
I peep the morning news
The world about to end
I told my girl I've got to get up on the road
And make a dent
I might just make a praising tent
Like King David and sing praises
And leave pages of history for little babies
Rock of Ages
Rocking stages
Stop your hating and
Show your boy some love
I got a special calling and it's sent from up above

[Verse 3: Beleaf]
It's the return of the pillow snatchers
Some would call us fiends
Using pillow cases as napkins
While eating up your dreams
Thirst trapping Billie Jean
Let that holy water burn
Too bad all these rappers I'm shunning ain't on my tax return
I turn spare time into quality time
Follow me blind
I fish for men
Who cares who biting my line
I'm giving them back to God
I could give rap a heart
Having a heart of a father is taking me further than I ever thought I would
But should have known better than when your were brought up in Baltimore
Ya I'm from Baltimore
Where they learn you about the art of war
And it go overboard in Oceanside
Please don't hold onto my utensils G
They ask for bars and I gave you a penitentiary
My Sharpy Pen and pencil be the key to chastity
How dare you laugh at me
See I never ask to be
But pass me the baton like we was taking turns on Rodney King
Rap lives matter
Man it's such a conspiracy
This ain't no equal opportunity
Punk, this bar history month
Remember me
Remember me like the disciplines you would get
You know whippings where they make you pick the switches from the tree
And they hit you till it bleeds
And it itches and it stings
But they sit you in the kitchen while you sniffling and make you eat
Remember me
I'll beat you and feed you and teach you to walk away from evil
And leave you in disbelief
Don't diss Beleaf on the bandwagon
There's no seats for rappers who want to ride along
There's only space up underneath
Under the bus