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Doujah Raze Lyrics
"Give It Up"

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Give it up x3

[Verse 1:]
It's over, that's what they told me
But sorry no sir, that doesn't fool me
A lot of cats talk, a lot of cats spit
But I got love for this hip hop shit
And I just won't (give it up)
Even at the end of a show
When the crowd tired as fuck and ready to go
Half of them gone, the sound sucks, monitors blown

Got my fist raised high in the sky but they just won't (give it up)
I don't care, I stand right here and
Spit it in your eye until your cheer or either cry tears
I'd fucking die here than run up in your nightmare
Shouting and shaking and shooting just so I can make you (give it up)
It's too hard to stop me its gone too far to mock me
You can't delete me dog you only got a carbon copy
I'm on your floppy, discard and clock me
Unleash the bloodbath on earth shattering words
And you'll see you need to (give it up)

Yeah, motherfuckers need to give that shit up man
Tell me to give that up? you must be crazy

I shouldn't give it up, I wouldn't give it up
I need to give it up, I'm free to give it up
I gotta give it up I try to give it up

I wouldn't give it up I couldn't give it up
It's hard to give it up I've already given up
I gotta give it up, I try to give it up

[Verse 2]
And I've been going through these whole motions
This hammerhead shark alone in these cold oceans
Looking for landmarks
Its strange but you get the picture
Kinda hard to shake the image when descriptions fit you
Why even try ill never (give it up)
Cause I'm too abusive
My bodies used to bruises
Screws is loose and my juices blew the fuses
Dedicated my time to pussy blues and boozing
Should've been at home writing music
I swear I need to (give it up)
But lets get aggressive

Cause I'm getting restless
I'm in the club this bitch is hanging by my necklace
Back at the Resch, shorty acting hesitant
But if I bring her to my residence
I think its pretty evident she'd (give it up)
That's the beauty of it, and I truly love it
But then I hate it in the morning when the room is sunlit
Waiting so long to reach what I believe the summit
Now all I do is plummet
I think I've overdone it, I should (give it up)


[Verse 3]
I light a spliff by myself daily
And three or four more depending on the mind state
And if its straight or if its crazy
Things are hazy it makes me lazy
Everybody telling me to slow down
But I don't think ill ever (give it up)
Lets start the shooting
I'm talking vodka motherfucker not the revolution
Bottles of that head pollution
Execution, retribution, too much liquor in my system
My stomach feels sick it wants to (give it up)
Control the substance but I'm so compulsive
My obsessive ways know no bounds exploding drug use
Devoted soul to cold and holy abuse
Took chemicals when sick, man
My friends stepped in they said to (give it up)
Just stick to rapping and all these things that happen
Four years later got my fourteen on the map with action
Now I'm addicted to the crowds reaction
It gives me satisfaction, beyond what I imagine
I will never (give it up)