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Donny Osmond Lyrics
"It's Possible [From "Seussical"]"

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Try not to think.
Try to behave.
Try not to think.

I'll think of
Taking a bath in a drippy old tub
Going plink, plink, plink plink!

But when I think of that plinkety plink
I see a fish swimming by in a school
Hey maybe this tub is
"McElligot's Pool"!

This might be a pool,
Like I've read of in books,
Connected to one of those
Underground brooks!
An underground river
That starts here and flows
Right under this bathtub!
And then

Who knows?!

It's possible!
Anything's possible!

It might go along,
Down where no one can see
Right under state highway
Two hundred and three!
Right under the wagons!
Right under the toes

Of Mrs. Umbroso

Who's hanging out clothes!

It's possible!
Anything's possible.

This might be a river
Now mightn't it be,
Connecting McElligot's Pool with the sea
Then maybe some fish might be swimming'.
Swimming toward me!

Ah! Oo-wee-ee-ee-ee-ohh!
It's possible!
It's possible'
Ah! Oo-wee-ee-ee-ee-ohh!
It's possible!
It's possible'

Jojo: Fish:
Oh, the sea is so full oh'.wah-ooh'
Of a number of fish
If a fellow is patient oh'.wah-ooh'
He might get his wish!
And that's why I think oh'.wah-ooh'
That I'm not such a fool
When I sit here and fish When I sit here and fish
In McElligot's Pool!

It's possible.It's possible
It's possible

It's possible It's possible
It's possible


It's possible'.