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Dolly Parton Lyrics
"Little Blossom"

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Oh dear, I'm so tired and so lonesome
I wonder why mommy don't come
She told me to close my pretty blue eyes
And when I awoke she'd be home.

She said she was going to see Grandma
Who lives by the river so wide
And I guess my mommy fell in there
And probably she won't be home tonight.

I guess I'll go out and find papa
I expect he has stopped in at the store
It's a big pretty store filled with bottles
And I wish he wouldn't go there anymore.

For he is so sick when he comes home
He stumbles and falls on the stairs
And once as he went in the palor
he kicked at my poor little chair.

But I love him, I guess i'll find him
And i know he will gladly come home
Then it won't be so dark or so lonely
while waiting for mama to come.

So out in the night went the baby
The sweet little blossom so fair
With eyes as bright as the morning
And a head full of yella-golden hair.

She pushed the heavy bar room door open
And her papa in the corner she spied
Down the hall her little feat pattered
And soon she was close by his side.

Oh papa, she cried as she reached him
I know that the music is sweet
But it's suppertime now, oh papa
Little blossom wants something to eat.

A moment the red eyes gazed wildly
Down into her face sweet and fair
And just as a demon possessed him
He kicked off the back of a chair.

A moment a second was over
The work of a fein was complete
the poor little innocent blossom
Lay crumbled and crushed at his feet.

Then in swept the lay so majestic
And said with your life you must pay
For only a fein or a mad man
Could murder a child in that way.

A moment the baby's life trembled
Then poor little blossom was dead...
This song is from the album "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels", "Hits Made Famous By Country Queens [Somerset]", "Honky Tonk Angel [Golden Stars]", "Midnight Country [Dressed to Kill]", "Makin' Believe [Legacy]", "Puppy Love [Pazzazz]", "Puppy Love and Ruby (Dolly & Kenny) [Pazzazz]", "Country Hit Parade" and "A Little Taste Of Dolly - [The Dave Cash Collection]".