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Destiny's End Lyrics
"First You Dream, Then You Die"

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To Cornell Woolrich and Mike Nevins
Real lives fade, but dreams flare on
Approaching the edge, thoughts sore high

One thing is certain
That is your life must end
Withering to ashes
You'll meet oblivion

Awaiting the scythe to steal each moment from your lungs
Underneath the cold stars, you'll stand your ground
Dancing through night lands evading death's ends
Shadows will stalk you through all your days
Annihilation before the dawn

First you'll dream of scenes divine
And truths beyond reality's lie
First you'll seek goals soaring high
Never knowing when you'll die

Your days are numbered on this earth
Risk awaits you at every turn

Someday you'll end it all
Ignore possibilities
From out of nowhere
Your quest renews again

The pain of living outweighs uncertainty
Each precious moment is worth the wait
Shocking awareness, chances not to waste
Nothing is perfect, no dream equal
Just one companion, the guise of death ahead

Random cosmic scheme, like a falling beam
Snuffing out your life, spiting best laid plans
Mundane existence saps your blood away
Calling you morbid, you know the truth alone

[Leads: Dan, Perry]
Just one millions, a flickering life
Simply awaiting the winds of fate

One thing is certain
That is your life must end
Withering to ashes
You'll meet oblivion

Follow ancient footsteps, a path that's so well known
Stagnant existence, fit patterns set
Your presence on this earth is the only time to learn
Forge one creation, significance
One deviation before the end