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Deltron 3030 Lyrics

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Yo' it's 3030
I want ya'll to meet Deltron Zero, hero, not no small feat
It's all heat in this day in age
I'll raid ya grave
Anything it takes to save the day
Nueromancer, perfect blend of technology and magic
Use my rappin so you all can see the hazards
Plus entertainment where many are brainless
We cultivated the lost art of study and i brought a buddy
Automator, hard to slay ya, fascinator, combinations
cyber warlords with aggravatin abominations
Harmin nature we hate ya we aint with that
We high-tech archeaologists searchin for knick-knacks
Composin musical stim-paks that impacts the soul
Crack the mold and what you think you rappin for,
i used to be a mech soldier but i didnt respect orders
had to step forward tell them this aint for us.
Livin in a post-apacolyptic world morbid and horrid
The secrects to the past they hoarded
Now we just boarded on a futuristic space craft
No mistakes black, its our music we must take back...

Yo It's 3030
I want ya'll to meet Deltron Zero...and Automator (repeat 3x)

Del i'm feelin like a ghost in a cell,
I wrote this in jail playin host to a cell
For the pure verbal
They said my sentence was equivalent to murder
Just another hurdle, i bounce through a portal
I knew they had the mind state of mere mortals
My ears morph to receptors that catch ya
Every word about gravity controlin and the families they hold
For handsom ransoms
On the run with a handgun, blast bioforms, i am more
Than a planet wide man-hunt with cannons
Will make me abandon my foolish plan of uprisin
FUCK dyin, ill hi-jack a mech
Control it with my magical chant, so battle advanced
Through centuries of hip-hop legacy, mega-speed
Hyper-warp to Automators crib and light the torch
They cant fight the force, victory is ours once we strike the source
Enterprisin wise men, look to the horizen
Thinkin more capitalism is the wisdom and imprison
All citiczens in power with rythym
We keep the funk alive by talkin with idioms....


Is it eternal evil concerned with thievery
Medieval prehistoric rhetoric, well we ahead of that
Lay it down with sound waves that pound pavements
Original minstrels, my central processor unit is in tune with this art
Not artificial cause that makes it hard to miss you
Copy cats finish last in the human race
Stayin glued to safes, Too prude to take a buddha pipe
We got espers that let us bless with fresh shit
Undetected by yes men questin for five fleetin nanoseconds of fame
Protectin the brain, from conspiricies against my cosmos
While i float the neo-tokyo and opium
Undiscussed Combustable Clusters is a plus
Evade cyber police and the computer brig confuse the kids
But i can make it kickin rhymes that sacred
Telepathic mind that takes its greatness from the matrix
Esper rhyme professor, rushes the culture pressure
With correction meausures
While half the worlds a deserts
Cannibals eat human brains for dessert
Buried under deep dirt, Mobility innert
I insert the codes for the cataclysym
Ever since i had the visions use my magnitism
In this minor metropolis that tries to lock us up
Under preposterous laws thats not for us


......( beat fades out)
This song is from the album "Deltron 3030".