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Deadbolt Lyrics
"Swahili Bob"

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Swahili Bob would do a strange thing
He'd sit there and make the telephone ring
You pick it up, and he's talkin' to you
Just sitting there--his lips would not move

Swahili Bob was a real scumbag
He did his phone tricks dressed up in drag
The filthiest things would come from his mouth
He ran a bisexual puppet show way down south

Swahili Bob

Swahili Bob


Bob would show up at a party dressed in red
While waving a dead chicken over his head
Swahili Bob was a talented guy
Who'd want to kill him? I don't know why

Swahili Bob did his phone trick one night
Pissed off some bikers, started a fight
They cut out his tongue and nailed it to the wall
Swahili Bob will never again call
Swahili Bob will never again call
Swahili Bob
This song is from the album "Zulu Death Mask".