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Damone Lyrics
"On My Mind"

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today i woke and said to me wey--e-a-oh cuz you're mine
and then i'd fallen back to sleep, and you were all in my mind
i dreamed that we were flyin' thousand miles an hour
so we could get away to be alone for hours

the phone can ring but i don't care wey-e-a-oh cuz you're mine
the world can end and that's okay wey-e-a-oh cuz you're mine
inside i only care about the one i love
and you are number one to me, the one i love

you own my heart and more till the end of time

you are the only one who's ever on my mind

tonight we ate and it was love wey-e-a-oh and you're mine
we danced around like kids in love wey-e-a-oh cuz you're mine
we sang the songs to which we knew just half the words
we played Relieveo and scared off all the birds

you say to me that you are mine wey-e-a-oh cuz you're mine
i let you know that you're the one wey-e-a-oh all the time
so now the night will end cuz my dad's on the prowl
he paged a thousand times tonight for every hour

chorus (x2)

you own my heart and more till the end of time
you are the only one forever on my mind
This song is from the album "From The Attic".