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Circus Of power Lyrics

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Can ya see me?
She said as this guns fired deep inside her
Under the grey skies
Can ya hear me?
Listen to the music comin? on down around you
In a world gone wild

She is rising
The ground are shaking and the fires are burnin?
Down in the bad streets
He is cryin?
He stood on the hill with tears in his eyes
Under the poisoned skies
?Don?t cry? the mother said she will shine today
And though the wind will blow and show us the way

Down on me
Set me free
Let the rivers run down among these people

She is sayin? hush little baby don?t you cry tonight
It?ll be alright
He is rising
Listen to the beast cry out in the middle of all
And then watch it fall
They killed the water and destroyed the air
All done by a people that I said they just don?t care

Down on me
Set me free
Let the rivers run down among these people

Slicing reptilian rhythms
Warships on the horizon of my dream drunken beach lay
with a witch whore
Who had all of my friends but hadn?t eaten me as of
yet (I haven?t danced cos it ain?t the end)
Look at those guns I told her as she took her clothes
off and said
(Shine ? shine ?)
Tonight I will leave and spin onto twister like plains
infernal plateau bein? alone past enzombied creatures
like breathing waxed manicans
Experiencing eternity for the very first time
Rise! Rise! Yeah ?
All of the flames are dancin? strong blood red
candles and my blood red wine
I cannot walk back to my home in defeat I want victory Yeah
I am the advent of no one
This world is run by devils
Wrapped in angels wings
We will rise .