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Circus Contraption Lyrics
"Mendel the Magnificent"

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Oh my love, my sweet love
How your kiss lingers strange on my lips

The faint stench of hay
Remnants of clay
That rash on your head
Peanuts in bed

It strikes me all so very clearly
I sense there is something, a miss

I was in love, Mendel the Magnificent
He was the circus's resident knife thrower
Strong man and large mammal care taker
Big, handsome, not too bright
Oh, he was perfect

I loved the thrill of being strapped to his target
Knives piercing the wood all around me
The intensity of his concentration
Boreing right into me

On stage we were naturals, daring and delicate
Daggers and velvet, a breathtaking sight

With tragedy always just inches away
Our love guided blades hit just right

Then one day I noticed a hint of indifference in Mendel
He stopped throwing his knives as close into me as usual
And a woman can notice the details, you know?

He was lingering late at the large mammal tent every night
I knew he had found another

That greasy, lying bastard!
Why would he do it? Why would he throw away our love? Our life? Our act?
How could he have possibly found somebody more appealing than me?

How careless, ungrateful and dumb could he be
To destroy what we had for some tryst in a tent
The was no one in town half as charming as me
So I followed him to see where he went

As I snuck behind the flapping canvas
The sight I saw was cause for alarm
Mendel in an elephant's arms

Suddenly it all made sense
The stench, the peanuts
How he wouldn't shut up about what a great specimen she was
Always giving her extra hay

I remember the way she looked at him when he hosed her down
Balancing on the stool just right, swinging her tail at him in that way

Oh, I should have known
It was all just so bestial and humiliating

A woman's scorn is one thing
But losing out to a saggy, rough skinned, overweight
Forty pounds of dung a day, subjugated zoo species

The geometry staggering
How does he manage?
He's hung like a horse but not elephant size

He must need assistance to cover the distance
Does he crawl in and rub on the sides?

You can never mend a heart so trampled
There's nothing left for me to do
His affair will be through!

Oh my love, my sweet love
How your kiss lingers strange on my lips
This song is from the album "Grand American Traveling Dime Museum".