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Chet Atkins feat. Doug Stone Lyrics
"Addicted to a Dollar"

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Eighty hours a week, that's what I call work
and this black under my blue collar is his best pay dirt.
They work me hard from dawn to dusk
Doin' double time puttin' out sweat for a filthy buck.

F.I.C.A. and the state
They make my paycheck look like a big mistake.
Tax man takes his before I see a cent
And what they don't get, I've already spent.

I'm addicted to a dollar , that ain't worth a dime.
I pick up my paycheck and pass it on down the line.
The more money that I'm making, the less I can call mine.
Well, I'm addicted to a dollar , that ain't worth a dime.

Got me more payments than I've got checks.
Ten more to go on this car, it's a wreck.
Landlord's at my door, it's a life of hard knocks.
When all I really want is my piece of the rock.

[Chorus: x 2]