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Charlie Wilson Lyrics
"Him Or Me"

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Come on!
Uh, uh, uh, what!
Chika uh, uh, uh, what!

Get with me baby!
He's a sin baby!
Uncle Charlie's always gonna be a playa baby.
Cause I got - all that ya need!
Baby I got what you want.
I'm a balla baby.
He's a scrub baby.
Don't ya know that I started it all baby?
Cause I got - all that ya need!
Baby I got what you want.

Heard you were looking for a man.
Someone whose tone - I'll understand.
That a love - uh like yours don't come for free.
So tell me exactly what you need.
Do you really want him or do you want me?
Can you tell me what's really going on?

Baby, this is when the search'll end.
Cause you don't have to roll with him.
I can take you all around the world.
If it's so you'll be my girl.


Word is you're bein' misunderstood.
Need a nigga that'll take you out the hood.
And you want me to give ya love the way you should.
If he ain't down to spend no cash.
He ain't got games, so you should pass.
Get a man that can keep you feeling good.


[Chorus x2]

[Bridge: x2]
If ya man, ain't putting it down
The way that he could.
The way that he should.
Girl you know I could - give it to ya good.
Is it him or me?
Cause I got what ya need.


[Bridge x2]

Is it him babe?
Me babe?
Him babe?
Me babe?
Him babe?
Me babe?
Him babe or me babe?
Is it him babe?
Me babe?
[fades out]
This song is from the album "Bridging the Gap".