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Cannonball Statman Lyrics

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We can't live according to your archaic standard
It is what it is when it is it even when it isn't

I was in Ohio
I went walking in the woods
Drinking ginger ale
And talking about my feelings

When up to me there appeared this old man
With a small dog
The dog began barking up my leg
Speaking in a human voice

He said "I am Rupert Murdoch, and this is my lawn"
I said "Hey man
Rotting oozing castrated fecal matter

This lawn is my lawn
This lawn is your lawn
From California
To the grass we're standing on
From the redwood forest
To the arctic circle
This was made for everybody"

I poured the remainder of my ginger ale
Upon the small dog
He disintegrated into a corpse the size of a subatomic particle
I continued walking in the woods

Drinking ginger ale
And talking about my feelings

The man on the train grabbed my brain
I grabbed his throat
He threw up
And I thought it was me
So I cleaned it up
I said "I cleaned it up
I ran the entire length, width, and height of Manhattan
In a matter of minutes
Now I'm ready for the die-off
Get ready!"

The man on the bus went nuts
Stabbed the driver in the chest
The bus stopped
Everybody got late

I had this crazy dream last night where
I was the driver
Got stabbed in the heart
I died

I saw my soul flying out of the hole in my chest into the air
Flew uptown took a sharp left into the ground without a sound
Into Riverside Park
This song is from the album "Break The Law".