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Candiria Lyrics
"The Obvious Destination"

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Chapter one

Downcast of shadows, the self denied
The self denied of hidden places
Lost passages, pure volatile
Dripping from the cracks that keep you

Lost in parables
Convulsions of the epileptic kingdoms that bestow
Clean thorough antiseptic
Scrubbing deep into the bone

Condensing the marrow
Taste perfected
The cattle won't disown
The human man must be inspected

If I were to touch you
Would you wither in my arms?
And if I were to love you
Would you motion to disarm?
Sense of warning

Chapter two

Rigid from the petrified essence
Estimated measures
Celestial in my presence
A stew of precious treasurers

Reaction from the casualties
That surround me slithering
A transparent excess suppressing
Pull the lever

Chapter three

Fall infected down
Miracles designed for success
All of us, are you harvesting with the maggots?
Falling hard with dung on your breath

Infesting what is pure and damaged
Like swarms of locust feeding
Born first, still in needing

Chapter four

Alert the dogs flee an expert on penalty
Without vision the birds of the air will
Pick at your skull, calloused clothed in darkness
Tragedies turn providing alternatives

Development additives sediments
Firm evolving supporting the process
Dedicated moments of silence

Chapter five

Quest of the new
Increasing the magnification of your velocity
Would this be considered growth through hypocrisy
Advancement merging with the contents of the universe

The focus of enhancement
Evacuate the premises that continue to revolve
Cluttering of arrangements that continue to dissolve
You accelerate beyond the surrounding borders

Maintain the order, irradiation
The newest method of preservation
Radioactive spastic and down for the cause
Spoiled by mold, nuclear turbines
Fool injected outlawed Newton's third law of motion