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C-Dubb album lyrics - Veteran Status (2008)

01.Let's Go
02.Smashin' (feat. Keak Da Sneak)
03.Keep Flippn' it
04.The Midz (feat. Ma-Lace and ritz)
06.It's Nuthin' (feat. San Quinn and ritz)
07.All My Life
08.We Ride (feat. Nifty)
09.Pimp Recyclin ( feat. SOL)
10.The Treater and the Factor (feat. T-Nutty)
11.Hustle in My Blood ( feat. Jay Tee and ritz)
12.Get It Poppin
13.Spillin My Drank ( feat. ritz)
14.The Slap part2. (feat. Doey Rock)
15.This Is 4 My City (feat. Double R)
16.Rappers Actin Bad