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Buju Banton Lyrics
"Maybe We Are"

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Maybe we are
A different race of people
Maybe we are
A different color people
Maybe we are
Of different ends and reasons
Maybe we are maybe we are
Of different spiritual conviction

People of the world come together by virtue of love
Able to be seen yet at most time they
are unable to touch
Make not my brother my rival
Don't watch skin color we all want survival

Isn't it blood that flows through the veins of man
You've got a heart and when I search my
self I've got one
Why must we be at each others throat
There goes the breaking of solemn oath

And the words you say to they mean anything
When you say that you love does it come from within
And the songs yoyu sind do they mean anything
Will they calm our fears and our suffering

Ah ah ah ah

It make me feel like crying
Ah ah ah ah
It make me feel like crying
Ah ah ah ah
It make me feel like crying
Ah ah ah ah
It make me feel like crying

Earth rightful ruler runs no wire fence
May not be your neighbor still yet we can be friends
Though language barrier we find ways to comprehend
Each man is my brother and I am glad to say that each
man is my friend
This song is from the album "Friends For Life".