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Brad Paisley Lyrics
"All You Really Need Is Love"

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So you say you wanna tie the knot
And you're askin me if I think the two of you have got
What it takes to make it work, Well one thing's for sure
All you really need is love

Let me say I'm happy for you both
And here's a little somethin that the two of you should know
If you wanna do it right, well take my advice
All you really need is love

...And a license
And a blood test
And a bunch of invitations
And a minister, a white dress
And of course a congregation
And flowers and music
And candels and cake
And a bunch of rice for folks to throw as you drive away

Well what's that expression on your face
You're looking kinda pale is everything ok
Dont worry you'll be fine if you'll just keep in mind
All you really need is love

Oooh..and bridesmaids and groomsmen
And a wedding cordinator
And food for the reception, you'll need someone to cater
Did I forget to mention it will take a couple rings?
And of course a P.A. system if you're wantin me to sing

Well, You look so happy you could cry
And that explains the tears drops i see wellin in your eyes
Dont worry you'll be fine if you just keep in mind
All you really need is love

Yeaah..I'm sure I'm telling you
Something you already knew
All you really need is love
This song is from the album "Part II [Arista Nashville]".