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Boomkat Lyrics
"Wastin' My Time"

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I don't think you understand
that what your doing is not so cool
you think it's funny to mess with my mind, don't you
you know i like you so you just tease me (la da da da da da da da)
you give me just enough to hang on and on

when you're just wasting my time
you're simply wasting my time
so quit wasting my time (oohhhhhhh)

do you hear me when i say oohhhh (la da da da da da da da)
so let me ask you something
do you think i'm pretty or dont you
do you want to get with me or not? (or nooot yeah)

Are you just wasting my time?
(Can't go on like this no more)
you're simply wasting my time
(Can't be just another girl)
so quit wasting my time..
(wastin my time)

and what have you got to say
well things have got to change
see this just isn't right
i don't want to have to fight
and i think i better go
cause this aint working out anymore
and im sorry, sorry, sorry oh oh ohhhhhhh

understand that what you did
was just not so cool, baby
your just not that cool.... (ummmm ohhhh ummmmm)
This song is from the album "Boomkatalog.One".