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Bob Welch Lyrics

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Last night red lights & sirens sound,
Nine miles on a back street, sneakin'
Out of town, out of touch,
goin' underground, Look into the mirror; can see
'Em bearin' down, Long road windin',
headlights in the dark, don't know where
We're goin', but it can't be too far,
Ten g's, three for you, the rest I'll

Keep, No clues, no avenues,
its a perfect scheme, look-out outskirts, hang a
Left at the hangin tree, 'cause they say they're gonna
get ya, But they won't
Mess with me! Long road burnin',
you know you can't look back, cause every where
Your turnin', you can't escape the fact.
.. Yeah, they're gettin' closer now,

Step on it man you know they're gainin' ground,
Not afraid to die, until right
Now, I can almost feel em' breathin',
fear for me.. Oh, last night, murder one
Was in the air, huh; Johnny didn't mean to do it, but he was real scared,
Outlaws, runnin' hidin', who knows where,
Next time your on the outskirts,

Huh, well, I'll be waitin' there.
Long road a windin' headlights in the dark,
Long road returnin'
Like a knife, in your heart. I'm on the outskirts now, fear for me, well,
I'm on the outskirts, fear for me.
This song is from the album "The Originals: French Kiss" and "Live At The Roxy".