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Bleu Lyrics
"3's a Charm"

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I rode the local service home and took off my tired shirt and my shoes and my socks
My answerin' machine light was blinkin'
I couldn't hope but help that it was you
It turned out to be my mom
But it was good to hear that familiar southern drawl

That's love
Fits like a glove
That's loving

I picked up the phone and slowly dialed the first six digits of your number
I felt the stupid sting of pride asking why it wasn't you calling me
And it took everything I had to dial that last number
But they say 3's a charm

That's love
Fits like a glove
That's loving

You picked up the phone and said,
"Oh my God I was just about to call you"
You had a couple tickets to go see some band over at the rock-a-rama
I said, "I think I've seen those guys a couple times before and I really didn't like 'em"
You said, "3's a charm, 3's a charm, 3's a charm... "

That's love
Fits like a glove
That's loving
This song is from the album "Redhead" and "Headroom".