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Billy Stewart Lyrics
"I'm No Romeo"

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Ahhh ahhh ahhhh ooooo oooo ooo oooooo

It's never been told, that a good looks came my way
It don't a bother me, what people, people might say
I've known this fact, along time ago, baby I know, that I'm no Romeo

I've lost in love, all a through, a through my past
I know I'm not, I'm not a lover, I'm not a lover first class
I just can't see, what a you see in me, cuz baby I know, I'm no Romeo

I'm a changed man, oh since I meet a you
You gave me confidence, you gave me confidence, that I never knew
All I can say is ooh baby, please don't go away
And just a keep a lovin' me, keep a lovin' me, keep a lovin' me like you do

Ooooh I've got a heart, that to you I'll gladly give
I need you to stand, by me, as long a as long as I do
I still can't see, oh what a you, what a you see in me
Cuz a baby I know, I'm no Romeo
(No Romeo) Oh I'm gonna tell you baby (I'm no Romeo)

I, I, I, I, I, I'm no Romeo, I just wanna tell you one more time,
I'm no a, I'm no a, Romeo, Don't You know darlin'