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Bal Sagoth Lyrics
"In Search Of The Lost Cities Of Antarctica"

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Beneath the ice, the endless ice of Pangaea's now axial
Eternally frozen frontier
Entombed for countless millions of years
The lost cities of Antarctica

Secrets locked within the ice, the endless ice of Antarctica
'Neath the peak of Erebus the first ones sleep, Lords of Pangaea
Cities lost within the night, the frozen night of Antarctica
Pre-Cambrian, the Voyagers, beyond the stars, Lords of Pangaea

Once, the coruscating spires of man
Here offered their splendor to the heavens

Now, those spires gleam no more
Save in dreams of verdant plains
Save in dreams of time-lost citadels
Legacy of a utopia lost, forever enshrined 'neath the ice

Sail across Panthalassa to Gondwanaland
Three moons to guide us on this voyage across the sea
Sail across Panthalassa to Gondwanaland
New lands to conquer and claim for our progeny

Before the Third Moon fell from orbit
Before the nine continents were formed
From Pangaea's shattered surface
Hew from the Pre-Cambrian rock

Behold this primordial metropolis
And the first ones shall awaken on that day
When man will return to the stars

We, who were before man, are destined to be the
Architects of his future

And humanity shall one day rediscover the secrets long-frozen
Within the lost cities of Antarctica
There will come a day when the ingenuity of man
Shall pierce that impenetrable

Shield of ice which keeps Antarctica's
Wonders from our inquisitive gaze
And I truly believe that day shall herald a glorious
New era of enlightenment for us all
This song is from the album "Atlantis Ascendant".