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Az Lyrics
"Love Me"

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Uh huh
love me in your special way (word up)
what more can I say (drop the beat right here)
love me now
love love me now
love me in your special way (yeah)
what more can I say
love me now
love love me now

this illmatic the shit started and never departed

I, flossed retarded for those lost in the projects
I, taught them logic gave them courses in college
chased dollars but to me what's most important is knowledge
know the ledge for ya'll niggas thats so on the edge
it ain't, nuttin for a infrared to glow on yo head
life in the streets schooled me well movin light on my feet
so deep, had me jumpin up at night in my sleep
hold ya heat if u that nigga that's a fool in some beef
i'm tryin to eat
dont have me put two in ya feet
ninety nine ways i made out
to never fade out never get played out
got guns blast your way out


Saw the worst when i was growin
Unknowin in my quest

until I, had reality thrown in my chest
why would it stress
it seemed a niggas own at his best
is it a test?
at time i feel my soul is possessed
flavors a guess low key major connects
phase of respect goin through it made me a vet
gettin down on grounds forbidden
think bells from calsace to the cells in clinton
listen, we can war 'til we no more
either or
or just ball til we all score
its on ya'll
did this one for the streets watchin
and the D's in the streets let them keep clockin'
we clean
got love for the whole game
the gold chains fake id's and the code names

but no lames
3 OP's and there's more to come
we all as one
recognize up in this war since young


Was I sent for the sinners that never repent,
or just another thug bent
tryin to pay for his rent
Days in contempt
I see ya'll all amazed in suspense
way spent
catch me at the major events
so blowin herb on ya corner curb
my word
doe or die I was born to swerve
bet that
from forty bottles to the champagne
twist the pop
white labels to the brand names
kiss the top
and lets toast for the lost souls
and pray enough to hope and meet em at the crossroads
hope i live to see eighty eight
with crazy cake
and a baby shaped burgundy Bentley with Haiti plates

This song is from the album "9 Lives".