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Ariana Grande feat. Childish Gambino Lyrics
"Break Your Heart Right Back"

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[Verse 1: Ariana Grande]
I shoulda saw it comin'
I shoulda saw the signs
But I wanted to believe you, trust you
You said you wouldn't lie
But baby you were so good, so good
You had me goin' blind
You said it was your best friend, I'm guessing
I wasn't your type, hey!

[Bridge: Ariana Grande]
What goes around comes around

And if it goes up, it comes down
I know you mad cause I found out
Want you to feel what I feel right now

[Pre-Hook: Ariana Grande]
Now that it's over
I Just wanna break your heart right back
Right back
Want you to cry me a river
I just want to break your heart right back
All this time, I was blind running round telling everybody

[Hook: Ariana Grande]
My baby loves me
My baby loves me
My baby, my baby
My baby loves me

[Verse 2: Ariana Grande]
You said I was your best, would be your last
Now he's gone, you're alone
Don't want you back
You're tellin' me you're sorry
Well sorry, my friend
Cause I've already been there done that
Ain't doin' this again, no

[Bridge] + [Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Childish Gambino]
Listen, you got a man but your man ain't loyal
Don't understand how to spell it out for ya
Yes I'm a G, from the A, and they ask why
Sorry had to tell, yeah I'm a nice guy
Naw, I'm a sick guy, money too much

I step on stage and girls move too much
The flow so gross, my nickname school lunch
And he with them other guys, and you know it's true cause
I know they hate but I don't know why, UH
I know the way he did you was whack
But I know how you can get dude right back
(And get with me)

[Bridge] + [Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Outro: Ariana Grande]
Ooh, yeah
Runnin' round town tell everybody
Ooh, yeah
Runnin' round town tell everybody
Ooh, yeah
Runnin' round town tell everybody
Ooh, yeah
Runnin' round town tell everybody
I'm comin' out
He's comin'
I'm comin' out
This song is from the album "My Everything [Deluxe]".