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Animaniacs (Related Recordings) Lyrics
"Parts Of The Brain"

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(Drum Roll)
And now the parts of the Brain performed by.....
The Brain
Neo-cortex frontal lobe
brain stem, brain stem

Hippocampus, neural node
right hemisphere
pons and cortex visual
brain stem, brain stem

Sylvian fissure, pineal, left hemisphere
cerebellum left
cerebellum right
synapse hypothalamus
striated dendrite

(weird sounds)

axon fibers, matter gray
brain stem, brain stem

central tegmental pathway
temporal lobe

white core matter
forebrain skull
brain stem, brain stem

central fissure, cord spinal

pia mater
meningeal vein
medulla oblongata and lobe limbic

the Brain

that ought to keep the little squirts happy