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Alison Moyet Lyrics
"Falling [Infinite Dub]"

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She said something like I want to go
Down where the river's wild
He said take me then I want do drown
Deep in your violent eyes
(feel the water rise again,
Call the river by your name)
I want to float in through your door
Hand it on the wall, hang it all
But I want to be sure of one thing
That I'm getting into something peaceful
I want to fly in on your wing
Way way up here I don't care for anything
It's all in, and I'm not afraid I don't fear

She said listen I've been telling you
I'm into something cruel
He said give me what got into you
I don't care what you do
(if there's a full moon in Taiwan
I want half of what you're on)
I want to open up your mind
Leave it all behind you and me
We're one of a kind
We may find that we're getting
High on something peaceful
We're gonna take it for a ride
Goin' nowhere fast but we got
Nothin' to tie ourselves on
And I'm not afraid to go down

She said something like
I"m tired of me
You've got to paint my face
He said fold up like a paper boat,
Set sail for me again
I want to fly in on your wing
Way way up here I don't care
For anything, it's all in
And I'm not afraid I don't fear