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​dylAn Lyrics
"Stephulka V3"

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[Produced by Daniel D'artiste]


Little bro, what's up with Rachel, man?
I wonder if she hates you, man
I wonder if she'll ever date you
What's up with that?

I don't know to be honest

Left LA, we stopped talkin'
Dropped a couple songs about her
And she still ain't respondin'
And it's just too much to fathom
Cause she went, tweeted my album
Got caught up in the media
The generation's problem
But I got love for that girl...

Shit, bro... damn
Well, what happened to that girl that came through for a few?
Did she notice when her picture came up in "Moon in My Room"?

Yeah dude, wait... actually, I don't know
I put a screenshot up on Instagram though
Oh my God, bro, bro, oh my God I dropped "Energy"

She responded to me on Twitter, she started DMing me
I swear on mom that she's worth it, I love that she's so imperfect
And she's one of my favorite poets.. hello? Yo can you hear me?
I said that she's one of my favorite poets
I told you bro she writes poetry
I'm tellin' you her words are like food for the soul to me
And it's funny that you went and mentioned "Moon in My Room"
Cause the poem that I wrote for her is up in there too
Oh wow
Yeah that's like... pretty much it

Damn bro... hold on one second... my bad bro, oh yeah
Remember Summer? You haven't mentioned her, I wonder
Maybe you lost her number when your phone could not recover?


Yeah I did but she lost her phone too
She started takin' Xans, I started distancin' too
I asked Jayde about it, Jayde said she was cool
Haley said it wasn't the same, Lynn girls never complain
But I miss them freckles mane
Yeah like.. yeah I really miss her freckles
And I love that she showed me all the simplistic bliss
She's the reason why I smile and tie string on my wrist

Speaking of Summer, sup with that album brother?
When is it coming?
Is you droppin' mid-June or towards the middle of summer?

Man me and $enna been workin', we even started producin'
It's gon' be crazy when A drops, then we all drop our new shit
And lately been tired, told you I wasn't inspired
Been livin' at Frenchie's house, or readin' up on the Alchemy
I'm chillin' with my best friends and we sittin' on the balcony
But I'll get back to recordin'
I'm climbin' trees in the woods just like my name would be Jordyn
Too busy with my own emotion, all these tears have been pourin'
But Zack's been keepin' it goin', tell the blogs it can wait
I'm just tryna go on tour and put some food on my plate
Tryna raise up the conscious, we have to go and drop content
The vibrations is risin', they're risin' up in the columns

I feel you lil' bro, I just started reading The Book of Understanding
And I've been hella inspired ever since you left Miami
Oh God...guess who just texted me again

No way, she still hits you up? I'm sorry 'bout that, friend
Oh, let me tell you that I read that book too
It changed my life, on God you're gonna love it, dude
I'm about to go to Publix fool
Imma catch you on that flip

Yeah I'm gonna... I gotta call Zack back. Alright bro well I'll talk to you later, dude, I just haven't talked to you in a minute so just thought I'd scr-hit you up. Alright yeah just holla at me

Alright for sure