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​dylAn Lyrics
"Red Wine"

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Girl how you feelin?
Girl how you feelin?

[Chorus: Téo]
And I hurt solely
And it hurts so deep(x4)

[Verse 1: Jaden)
I put my head on her pillow
I sleep, through peace
Then a piece of me leaves
Trick or Treat, Halloween
Get it?
The wine pours
The wine pours fine
Be sure to close the Porsche doors
We can make amour
Let's make some more
But baby


[Verse 2: dylAn]
Always mess up my name I told 'em A is capital
I'm after President Snow the whole fucking capitol
Once a young teen my district 13
Or twelve, thirty-four, forty-seven it's a dream
Zoomin in the Porsche told Moi to slow down
Got Wells Fargo debt with a venmo now
The young thug fucked around and got a girlfriend now
Rachel never hit me back so I'm pinned up now
Out in the 'basas with my windows down
MSFTS Republic we're the kings of this town
So, you ain't gotta ask who holds that crown
The neanderthals we keep it raw we hold that down
Didn't have to check in on your record man I'm murking ya
Pause activating Merkuba
Jus just give me one second
Let me pause for a second while activate my Merkuba

[Bridge: Jaden]
We don't need to fight
We don't need to write
All of our feelings
I'm on the ceiling
Girl how you feeling?
I'm not a villain
I'm rather super
I'm looking dapper
I'm coming right at ya
I'm coming rgiht at ya
I'm coming right at ya
Don't wanna go