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​dylAn Lyrics
"Moon In My Room"

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[Intro: Willow Smith]
This is
This is my dream
For you

[Verse 1: dylAn]
Welcome to the fourth dimension
Where everything you accept is a reflection on perception and perspective
Frequency is less aggressive
Too much love in the air, no room for tension
Love is the center of attention

[Interlude : Marv from the Sin City film]
The night is hot as hell
It's a lousy room and a lousy part of a lousy town
I'm staring at a goddess
She's telling me she wants me, I'm not going to waste one more second wondering how I've gotten so lucky
(I want you)

[Verse 2: dylAn]
Baby, we are all connected
Don't you see, it's the flower that's the pendant that is hanging from a necklace
Together we can self-heal through transcendence
(The perfect woman)
Self-heal through transcendence

[Verse 3: dylAn]
The sun is down, and the moon is full now
I guess I'll grab my friends
And just go to my room now
Sit in my doom now
Wish I could fly away, I guess I'll go and get a broom now
Don't have a clue now, but I will get Blue now
We can sit in my treehouse

[Verse 4: dylAn]
Not a soul knows about time and its difference
For I am a witness to the shift that I sifted
Nonetheless, what I feel when in it with you is intrinsic
The aura from the light given matches your lipstick
So if we rise to a high state rapidly
Don't act frantically, love happens organically

[Outro: Willow Smith]
You can make a bow from home tree
You have earned a warrior, let's see
After my youth, I become Tsahik
Let's see if you can handle me
Put your hands in the water
Feel the vibe
Put your ears to the tree trunk
Hear the night sky